Because cancer cells have the ability to grow, multiply and spread quickly, it is important to find the right therapy to slow, then destroy, these cells. Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to kill or shrink cancer cells and reduce their growth rate. When a cancer is localized in one part of the body, such as a tumor, radiation therapy is often the best choice because it delivers ionizing radiation directly and precisely into the cancerous cells without harming other, healthy cells.

There are various types of radiation therapies and many treatment outcomes. Radiation can be used to reduce the size of the tumor and to provide relief from painful malignancies. Your oncologist may also prescribe radiation after surgery to remove a malignancy in an effort to prevent the cancer from recurring or use radiation treatments in combination with other types of therapies.

Once our oncologists have fully considered your particular cancer and determined that radiation therapy is the best option for you, your doctor will sit with you and explain what we hope to accomplish by having you undergo treatment. We encourage you to ask questions during this time so that you know what to expect during and after your treatment.